Building Peace Between Faith Groups In Central African Republic


“As religious leaders, we came together to say ‘no’ to the hijacking of religion,” says Oumar Kobine Layama, President of the Islamic Council of the Central African Republic. It’s a country ravaged by years of conflict, often exacerbated by splits along religious lines.
Oumar is part of an interfaith peacebuilding partnership in which Islamic Relief, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision and Aegis Trust work together to pave the way for peace. Funded by USAID, Islamic Relief is rebuilding livelihoods lost to violence. By the end of 2019 we had helped around 4,000 people set up small enterprises. Communities found common ground – an essential foundation for peace – through the business associations and community savings groups we formed.
Islamic Relief works with communities around the world to prevent conflict and build lasting peace. This year our work through a social cohesion and resilience programme funded by the Swedish government’s international development arm, Sida, included leading community consultations to support the national peace process in the Philippines and enabling vital dialogue through peace councils in Kenya. The social cohesion and resilience programme also brought fragile communities in Pakistan together to facilitate dialogue and coordination on transitioning to peace.