Improving Access To Water For Disaster-affected Families

“Now we can get clean water close by,” says Naida, who had to walk and queue for hours every day after an earthquake and liquefaction destroyed most of the wells in her village.
Islamic Relief installed 20 SkyHydrants in Indonesia’s Lombok, Palu and Sigi districts this year providing 1,000 families with more drinking water. Each produces 5,000 litres of drinking water every day, and we also drilled 25 boreholes. The intervention has made a big difference to Naida, who earns a living selling local breakfast delicacy nasi kuning, a turmeric-flavoured rice.
“Thank you for supporting our essential needs and improving not only my livelihood but also women’s participation in the community,” she says, explaining that she is a member of one of the committees looking after the new water facilities.