In Shamiku, Syria, Fatema Al-Smmaq and her family live in a partially demolished house, burning trees and plastic to keep warm and cook.


The ongoing crisis in Syria leaves 11 million people in need of help.


Six million displaced people live in dire conditions with little access to food, water, sanitation and healthcare, facing daily threats to their lives, dignity and wellbeing.


Eight years into the crisis, many aid agencies have suspended operations due to violence. Islamic Relief continues its lifesaving work in some of the areas that are hardest to reach, assisting over 2.3 million people this year. To date, we have provided £320 million worth of aid in response to the war.

“I have no money for food. The children ask for food that I don’t have. I rely on what the aid organisations give us.”

Um Mohammed lives with her eight children in Deir Hassan camp in Idlib, Syria. Her family’s food parcel from Islamic Relief relieves hunger in Ramadan, but hostilities escalate in the northwest and many more flee in search of safety.
Islamic Relief is there to provide food, tents, blankets and cash for heating and clothing. We give wheat to local bakeries so they can bake free bread for the most vulnerable. We help run 80 mobile emergency units and hospitals. Tens of thousands of people rely on the clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene items we provide.