Boys who survived Cyclone Fani talk to Islamic Relief about the help they and their families need.


Cyclone Fani deluges more than 16,600 villages in Odisha, triggering the biggest evacuation to a disaster in Indian history.


14 million people lose food stocks, water supplies, homes and livelihoods.


Bringing people together in village relief committees, we provide hygiene kits, shelter items and insecticide-treated nets to protect 4,000 families. We repair 150 water hand pumps and employ 1,000 local people to help.

“Water rose above my waist, so my children came and carried me out. It caused so much damage. May Allah bless Islamic Relief.”

After 80-year-old Ba Lamine survives the flash flooding in Bamako, Mali, his family are among 370 to receive money to buy essential items such as soap, clothing and cooking utensils. Our community workshops educate local people on child protection issues and gender-based violence, which often spike in times of crisis.
It’s Ramadan and we distribute food packs to over 908,000 people in 33 countries. Our donors give generously, allowing us to support fasting families around the world, as well as Christian survivors of the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka and those affected by the first ever tornado in Nepal.