We mobilised people and funds to support our work and campaign for social justice

This year we raised over £131 million to fund our programmes. Our Ramadan campaign in the UK alone raised over £12 million and engaged almost 1,000 volunteers. We campaigned to protect those affected by gender injustice, climate change and the refugee crisis. We also supported the most vulnerable children, including orphans and those at risk of child labour and human trafficking.
We work with religious leaders and use our faith literacy to help tackle harmful practices such as gender-based violence, advocate for peace, respond to the challenges of climate change, and protect children from abuse and exploitation.

£12.2 million raised in the UK during Ramadan, with another £2 million secured from the UK government’s Aid Match scheme

Our 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence campaigning raised awareness through events in 28 countries

15 projects tackled gender-based violence this year

64,000 children are now supported through our orphan sponsorship scheme