Our expenditure in 2022

Our total expenditure:
£193.3 million

Where the money was spent

Where the money was spent Percentage £m
Humanitarian 57.80% 111.8m
Caring for orphans and children 17.10% 33.0m
Raising funds and publicity 6.20% 11.9m
Healthcare, water, sanitation and hygiene 5.60% 10.8m
Livelihoods support 5.30% 10.3m
Support costs 3.10% 6.0m
Supporting education 1.90% 3.6m
Trading activities 1.70% 3.2m
Campaigning for change 0.80% 1.6m
Legal and statutory compliance (governance) 0.40% 0.7m
Investment management 0.20% 0.4m

Five-year trend: Our expenditure 2018-2022