Our vision and strategy

Inspired by the Islamic faith and guided by our values, we envisage a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled, and people respond as one to the suffering of others.

We provide lasting routes out of poverty, empowering people to transform their lives and serving all communities without prejudice.

Our current global strategy has four goals that aim to ensure we respond effectively to humanitarian emergencies, contribute significantly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and advocate for positive social change. These goals are based on four key areas of work we present in this report: humanitarian, development, campaigns and partnerships.

Our global goals

Abu Kamal, 45, lives in the countryside outside Idlib, Syria. The country’s prolonged crisis has uprooted the father of four, alongside millions of other people.

I was working in a factory but I had to leave my work and my village to escape the violent bombing and harsh conditions. I moved near the TurkishSyrian border and lived in a camp there with my children for several years.

The living conditions were harsh and we were not able to adapt to camp life. After I returned to my village, I found my house had been damaged but I was able to restore some of it. However, there were no jobs.

“Thanks to Allah, Islamic Relief provided us with sheep and fodder. Now I take care of these sheep and we produce milk, cheese and yoghurt. We rely on ourselves to earn a living, whereas in the past we relied on aid and food baskets.”