In 2022 we supported over 17.3 million people

Country Total
Yemen 3,560,269
Niger 2,013,734
Afghanistan 1,239,724
Pakistan 1,214,985
Somalia 1,134,739
Sudan 1,088,452
Syria 999,392
Occupied Palestinian Territory (Gaza) 993,710
Bangladesh 892,202
Mali 878,934
Ethiopia 723,424
Kenya 460,106
Malawi 333,822
South Sudan 298,769
Kosova 141,733
Jordan 135,267
North Macedonia 124,179
United Kingdom 123,194
Sri Lanka 108,387
Türkiye 96,735
The Philippines 87,714
Lebanon 86,474
Nepal 84,377
Indonesia 79,476
Tunisia 78,450
Iraq 66,251
Myanmar 66,119
South Africa 50,742
Albania 48,092
India 39,109
Bosnia and Herzegovina 32,386
Russian Federation (Chechnya) 22,002
Madagascar 9,262
Spain 5,036
Italy 1,946
Moldova 838
Malaysia 810

Total people reached: 17.3 million

Number of people reached through global programmes

Programmes People reached
Humanitarian 9,849,300
Development 2,834,443
Advocacy 26,339
Orphan sponsorship 92,841
Seasonal 6,407,464
Grand total 19,210,387

The figures in this table are included within the country figures on the map. The grand total in this table (19.2 million) is different to the total number of people reached (17.3 million) because some people have been reached by more than one Islamic Relief intervention. For example, a child enrolled in our orphan sponsorship scheme may also benefit from a development project to build a well in their village.

In 2022 we supported over 17.3 million people





Four hundred children living with disabilities in the Chechen Republic are benefiting from access to speech therapy, sports and counselling.


“I would like to thank Islamic Relief for helping to rebuild our economy. Now, we have an income to help our families.” Nursiana is among 26 women now earning income by cultivating honey thanks to an Islamic Relief intervention to help communities struggling in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami in 2018.


Nour, 66, is the head of Warcimran village in TogdheermRegion, a part of Somaliland ravaged by prolonged drought. Islamic Relief has been digging and repairingmwater boreholes, trucking water into communities, and supporting families with survival items.

Total people reached:
17.3 million