Afghanistan suffers its coldest winter in a decade with temperatures plummeting as low as minus -33ºC [minus -27ºF] in some mountainous areas. Islamic Relief provides blankets and winter foodpacks to vulnerable families.

As Afghanistan struggles with economic crisis and widespread hunger, Islamic Relief has been working to support the country’s most vulnerable. In 2022, we helped more than 1.1 million people meet their basic needs, implementing projects worth £32 million, including our live-saving seasonal Ramadan and qurbani programmes. We supplied over 6,300 households with fuel and blankets to weather the colder months, and empowered 1,539 vulnerable women to earn a sustainable living by providing a pregnant goat to each. We also ran life-saving health and nutrition services, reaching more than 122,500 people across seven provinces, and helped ensure children did not miss out on an education by supporting over 7,000 children who were out of school to receive education in their communities. More than 6,200 households received cash for food and over 63,000 food packages were distributed to those struggling to feed themselves and their families.