“I am so glad that I was accepted into this project,” says Hanan, a mother of three whose husband’s poor health means she must provide for her family alone. A Syrian refugee, she now lives in Jordan, where a shortage of work opportunities leaves many women struggling to support themselves and their families. In 2022, Hanan was among 63 women in Irbid governorate to whom we provided counselling, financial grants and vocational training so they could build stable livelihoods.

“I have benefitted a lot from the counselling and training in financial management and sewing. I was always afraid of working outside the home because it would mean leaving my children. But now, I can take care of them and manage my work from home at the same time.

“After I complete all the training sessions and receive a financial grant, my goal is to have my own home-based tailor shop. After that, my greatest ambition is to open a huge tailoring store. The project is helping to empower women and I hope similar projects reach women in need across the world.”