Drought in Somalia affected nearly 22 per cent of the population in 2022, with 1 million people forced to leave their homes behind in search of water. Vital agricultural livelihoods were ruined while poor hygiene and sanitation facilities and scant access to safe water saw dangerous waterborne diseases spread. As water became harder to find, women and girls – who are typically tasked with fetching it – travelled further, leaving little time for education or employment, and putting them at greater risk of male violence.

Islamic Relief helped improve living conditions in Baidoa and Dinsoor. We provided 267 individuals with cash support for two months, so they could buy what they needed to meet their basic needs. In addition we built separate latrines for men and women, with lockable doors, and installed 10 solar lights at strategic locations to improve safety.

Latrines with lockable doors help improve safety for women in Baidoa, Somalia.