In collaboration with UNICEF and Sudan’s Ministry of Education, Islamic Relief provided payments for teachers, supervisors and workers at schools for South Sudanese refugees in Khartoum. The payments are part of a wider programme aiming to ensure access to quality primary education and improve the skills and knowledge of teachers, parents and communities. In addition, 58 refugee students received support for exam fees in West Kordofan, where we also equipped schools with essential furniture, and refugee camps with tents to use as temporary learning spaces.

Teachers in Sharg Alnile, Khartoum, receive payment through an Islamic Relief project with UNICEF.

Twenty girls in Takurgaon, Bangladesh received bicycles through an Islamic Relief project aimed at improving children’s access to education. The bikes make it safer and easier for the girls, who live in a poor, rural area, to get to school and it is hoped this will encourage them to continue their education. The same project also provided 4,000 children with education materials including school bags, umbrellas and stationery